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Say it with pink!

December 8 - December 14, 2021
Gulf Weekly Say it with pink!
Gulf Weekly Say it with pink!
Gulf Weekly Say it with pink!

The Pakistani Women’s Association (PWA) recently came together at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and Spa dressed in pretty pink hues to continue raising awareness about breast cancer, writes Mai Al-Khatib-Camille.

Women from the registered organisation that has been committed to supporting humanitarian causes in Bahrain for the past 23 years enjoyed a series of activities and discussions including an inspirational presentation by the First Lady of Pakistan Samina Arif Alvi, who joined them virtually.

“We were humbled that the First Lady of Pakistan joined our event virtually to inspire and share all the achievements she and her task force have made in Pakistan on breast cancer awareness,” said Shahmeen Islam, PWA president. “She guided us further about the cause and promoted the importance of self-care and monthly self-examinations.

“Also, PWA pledges to continue its support to the cause as this awareness must not be restricted to only October. We will be holding health camps for female helpers and awareness sessions awareness at different avenues as well.”

The event featured an activity by comedian Amy Vaya followed by a health and awareness discussion from Dr Shazia Durrani. It featured a video as well and ended with relaxation imagery from Arjumand Asher.

PWA will also soon launch their ‘Support a Child’ programme to enhance their Education Scholarship Fund (ESF) outreach, which is one of their core initiatives to support and educate less privileged children.

“Currently, the ESF supports approximately 50 students of multiple nationalities at the Pakistan School in Bahrain as well as other educational institutions, with the aid of its public-spirited donors,” added Shahmeen. “We encourage the outstanding community of women of all nationalities in Bahrain to join us and help us to spread love and kindness together.”

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