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LuLu turns 15

September 28 - October 4, 2022
Gulf Weekly LuLu turns 15
Gulf Weekly LuLu turns 15
Gulf Weekly LuLu turns 15
Gulf Weekly LuLu turns 15
Gulf Weekly LuLu turns 15

 As LuLu Hypermarket celebrates 15 years in Bahrain, its customers remain ever-loyal to the brand that has quickly taken over as one of the leading store operators in the kingdom.

Fans of the hypermarket have been speaking about why it has become their shopping destination of choice.

Michelle Tobias, who has lived in Bahrain for the past seven years, loves to visit LuLu to meet all of her little one’s needs.

The 35-year-old, from the Philippines, told GulfWeekly that she shops at the hypermarket on a weekly basis.

“I like the baby section and the fruits section,” she said. “What I like about LuLu is that the price is a bit cheaper and the service is always 100 per cent,” she said, adding that she has found everyone to be friendly, especially customer service.

Sixty-seven-year-old Jalal Abdulaal, who has been shopping at the hypermarket since it opened, likes the variety that LuLu has to offer.

“It’s a large supermarket, so if I come here, I know that I will find what I want,” he said.

“We live in the area and so we come to LuLu every day to pick up whatever we need, bit by bit.  

“We buy electronics such as phones, toasters and ovens here, and have made big purchases here many times, because the prices are often cheaper than the official dealer for the same brand!” the Bahraini father added.

Pakistani national Atiya Erum, who regularly makes the grocery run with her toddler son and eight-year-old daughter, agrees.

“When LuLu puts out their offers and discounts, the prices are really good and so I prefer coming here,” the 33-year-old said.

“The best thing is that everything comes under one roof – from groceries, to garments, to shoes, to school supplies, I can get everything from here - I don’t have to panic and go around looking for things in different shops.”

Having lived in Bahrain for the past six years, Ms Erum said she has been shopping at the hypermarket for the same number of years.

She said she currently visits LuLu’s Ramli Mall location to meet her weekly shopping requirements, adding that whenever her family moves to a new home, they shop at the LuLu Hypermarket in that area.

Her daughter, Parsa Ali, who also has a YouTube channel under the name Parsa Ali Vlogs, said she likes LuLu because it has so many of her favourite things, like the food that she takes to school.

“I like to take nuggets, cupcakes, biscuits and things like that,” she said excitedly. “And, when we go upstairs, we get stationery, and I got a new pencil box, pencils, board markers, whiteboard, and a lot of other things,” she added.

Meanwhile, 29-year-old Iram Parkar prefers to visit LuLu mainly for food.

The Indian national, who has been living in Bahrain for almost a year, said she visits LuLu three times a month and is a big fan of the range of food items that the hypermarket has to offer, highlighting that she particularly enjoys the variety of fruits and vegetables, and the hypermarket’s frozen foods section.

She has also found that the prices are really good when LuLu puts out offers such as the ones that are currently available across all of the hypermarket’s locations in Bahrain.

To celebrate its latest milestone, LuLu has released several new and exciting offers for a period of one month across all its stores in the kingdom.

Discounts are available across the entire range of household goods, including fresh food, fruits and vegetables, deli cuts and meat, white goods, electronics, homeware and clothing.

The hypermarket is also promoting popular children’s brands for school items, toys, edutainment, children’s healthy eating and grooming products and shoppers can also look forward to special one, two and three-day offers that are sure to result in great savings, store managers promised.

Having begun its foray into the local market with its flagship store at Dana Mall, today the group has nine hypermarkets, two malls (Ramli Mall and Dana Mall) and a LuLu Express store in the fast-developing urban residential space of Danat Al Lawzi.

The 15th anniversary promotions will go on for a period of one month and are available across all LuLu stores in the kingdom.

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