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Kung Fu fighting

September 27- October 3, 2023
Gulf Weekly Kung Fu fighting

The kung fu martial arts panda is going to be kicking butt and taking names next year as he returns to the silver screen with another epic adventure.

Po fans are particularly excited as the first official Kung Fu Panda 4 poster has been released, giving viewers a glimpse into what’s to come and showcasing DreamWorks’ commitment to bringing the panda to life.

In the fourth flick, Po the panda (played by Jack Black) is going to face his new adversary, the Chameleon, who has uncanny powers that are capable of resurrecting the spirits of past antagonists. As he fights for justice and what is right, Po will also be going on a quest to find his successor.

There are talks that a trailer may be up for all to giggle at as early as December and if the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes doesn’t cause a delay, then the movie will debut on March 8, next year.


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