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June 28 - July 5, 2006
Gulf Weekly The cutting edge

Star Wars Pewter Bar Set
Most homeware stores

When Jabba the Hutt throws a party, only the finest will do. All his dancers are captured princesses, all his decorations are out on display, all his musicians are union, and all his barware is pewter. Not only that, but Mr Hutt insists that his barware be made to look like people, creatures, and droids which are in the news.
Anyway…just like all the other cool Star Wars stuff we find for you, we’ve paid big bucks to have these smuggled out in hidden compartments on unmarked freighters. Enjoy a slice of inter-galactic opulence with the Star Wars Pewter Bar Set. You get all four pieces: Darth Vader (corkscrew), Yoda (wine stopper), C-3PO (foil cutter), and R2-D2 (bottle opener). This bar set is solid pewter, and sturdy enough to withstand even a Wookie wedding celebration. Your parties will never be the same, as a bar set of this calibre attracts all types of interesting characters.

Will Return Clock
Most toy stores

How annoying is it to rush up to a department head to sign your expense report only to find them out to lunch with a “Will Return” sign on their door?
Other people’s lives sometimes just seem to only be about inconveniencing you. We understand. But, cheer up – it’s time for revenge!
Just post the Will Return Clock on your office door or near your cubicle. Anyone coming to meet you will see the sign and know you’re out, and they will wait for your return based on the time posted. But then they will notice that the time displayed is right now, and you’re not back yet.
So they’ll leave, give you 15 minutes, and come back. But now the time has changed. See? It’s brilliant; you’ll confuse and amuse everyone. And if you do happen to be at your desk and someone asks you something, just point to the clock and keep on working. You’ll be back soon.

Dodge Discs
Most toy stores

Your prey sits at his desk unaware of your approach. You power up your weapon. He tilts his head, hearing something. Assuming it’s just someone vacuuming in the hallway, he returns to his work. That’s when you strike, shooting foam discs at his head and back. Your target spins on his chair and blocks your shots with something on his own arm. Oh no. . .he has one too!
Dodge Discs are a great way for some spontaneous office battles. They are sold in two packs, so you instantly can have an adversary. Just like the disc launchers from days of old (one of the first Star Trek toys was a disc launching phaser!), this one is safe and fun for all ages. What makes a Dodge Disc launder a little different is its integrated shield design. Each launcher is an offensive and defensive weapon at the same time. And, they are lightning fast – rapid fire as quick as you can hit the trigger! Shoot, block, dodge, shoot, pirouette!

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