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June 28 - July 5, 2006
Gulf Weekly News in brief

Superman gets stamp of approval
The first Superman film in nearly 20 years, Superman Returns, has received rave reviews from America’s leading movie critics.

Superman Returns stars Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey. Writing in Newsweek, critic David Ansen writes: “From the start of this gorgeously crafted epic, you can feel that (Director Bryan) Singer has real love and respect for the most foursquare comics superhero of them all.”

Wilson the Marine?
Hollywood actor Owen Wilson almost joined the US Marines when his debut movie received the worst test audience rating in the history of Columbia Pictures. Bottle Rocket didn’t impress viewers at early screenings in 1996. So Wilson decided to research a career in the military. Wilson tells Maxim, “The studio said it was their worst-testing movie in history, so I looked into the Marines. Maybe I was influenced by An Officer And A Gentleman.”

Newman set for last film?
Veteran actor Paul Newman is in negotiations to reunite with Robert Redford for the last film of his illustrious career. The pair, who have not worked together since 1973, are collaborating on a new project which may entice Newman to return to the big screen in his first major movie role in four years. Despite lending his voice to animated hit Cars, Newman has kept a relatively low profile.

Producer Evans divorcing
Legendary Hollywood producer Robert Evans (seen top right) is getting divorced for the seventh time. Estranged wife Lady Victoria White filed papers seeking a divorce from the 75-year-old Chinatown producer, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple were married in July 2005 in Mexico and have no children together.

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