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On a mission to clean-up

February 4 - 10, 2015
Gulf Weekly On a mission to clean-up

Leading bug-busting company Reza Hygiene Bahrain has secured a ‘major order’ to help keep one of the kingdom’s busiest malls spotlessly clean.

The company has established itself in recent years as the largest provider of cleaning and hygiene-related products in Bahrain and is now supplying and maintaining large-area cleaning machines to QZS, a leading commercial cleaning service company which has been awarded the cleaning contract for City Centre Bahrain.

HAKO, the brand of equipment chosen, has a track record of making robust and versatile machines which have been used at numerous prestigious regional events such as the 2006 Asian Games in Doha and facilities such as international airports and municipal buildings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

“In partnering with Reza Hygiene, QZS has taken into consideration the solid reputation of the HAKO brand, manufactured in Germany, and supported by our 3S programme for service and maintenance,” said Malcolm Palmer, Reza Hygiene’s Gulf regional manager.

“Visitors to City Centre Bahrain may see the Hako machines – their bright orange livery being hard to miss. So next time you visit the mall and wonder at the pristine condition of the mall floors and the car parks, thank QZS and Reza Hygiene’s HAKO equipment!”

Operators are trained in advance and certified to use the equipment correctly. The equipment is periodically checked and serviced in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommended operating hours’ schedule.

QZS boasts more than 1,200 employees trained to British Institute Cleaning Science (BICS) methodology and is considered the fastest growing cleaning company in Bahrain. It has its own training school for cleaning operatives, supervisors and managers, allowing the company to take on the toughest cleaning and maintenance challenges, a company spokesman said.

QZS also has cleaning contracts with Bahrain International Airport, King Hamad University Hospital and Royal Bahrain Hospital. Its parent company is Dream Group, established in 2004. Dream Group is an ISO 9001-accredited company.

Mr Palmer says Reza Hygiene has just completed another ‘incredibly successful year in the Gulf’, with its UAE, Qatar and Bahrain operations reporting 30 per cent sales growth in recent times. Part of the Alireza Group of companies, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Reza Hygiene now offers Gulf-wide distribution with offices and warehousing in Jeddah, Riyadh, Alkhobar, Bahrain, Dubai and Doha.

Reza Hygiene offers a full and complete range of hygiene and cleaning related products, including detergents and sanitisers, large space fragrance systems, cleaning equipment, disposable safety wear and disposable paper wiping products. As well as HAKO, the company represents British-based Evans Vanodine, US companies Rubbermaid and Rochester Midland Co, and many other established brands.

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