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New perfume boutique launch

March 11 - 17, 2015
Gulf Weekly New perfume boutique launch

AL HAWAJ and Sprecher Berrier Group of Companies recently launched its latest Creed shop-in-shop boutique in Al A’ali Mall along with its range of original Eau de Parfum … which receives VIP adulation.

Created by Olivier Creed, bearing his unique signature and style, the luxury brand presented five new fragrances - Aberdeen Lavender, Asian Green Tea, Cedre Blanc, Iris Tubereuse and Vetiver Geranium.

These rare and natural perfume essences are a marriage of wood, flowers, sugar and spice that are found all over the world. It is an ode to joy and nature found in all forests and glades.

The notes found are subtle and light with a distinguished and sophisticated class only found in pure fragrances that give an air of ‘know-how’ creating absolute luxury.

Bernard Régnauld-Fabre, the French ambassador to Bahrain, attended the launch and said: “I have been a user of Creed perfume since 2000. I love the smell of lemon and find it extremely refined in these fragrances. I personally use Vetiver more often, but I have two or three others I use on rotation.”

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