The whisperer

February 6 - 12, 2019

THE racing season is in full gallop in Bahrain and trainers, jockeys, grooms and stable hands are working tirelessly to ensure their steeds compete successfully and pass the finishing line in front.

When the big win happens it’s not unusual for an appreciative owner to call the team together and congratulate each member.

With loud applause a VVIP called his trusty trainer to the front of the gathering and handed him a large bag and shook his hand in gratitude.

Thrilled at the thought of what the enclosed package contained, the trainer carried it to his car dreaming of great riches, perhaps a collection of sparkling carats encrusted on 18-karat gold jewellery?

He excitedly pulled the wrapping aside and found it contained plenty of carrots all right … of the vegetable variety … a ‘thank you’ present for the winning horse. The Whisperer would like to share the difference between karats, carats and carrots.

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