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For our furry friends

September 22 - September 28, 2021
Gulf Weekly For our furry friends
Gulf Weekly For our furry friends
Gulf Weekly For our furry friends
Gulf Weekly For our furry friends
Gulf Weekly For our furry friends

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

A colourful collective of artists will soon stage a three-day Art for Care exhibit to raise funds for the Bahrain Animal Rescue Centre (BARC).

The Art Attack Krew, which features more than 30 members of different nationalities and artistic backgrounds, will showcase their artwork along with painted portraits and T-shirts of the cats and dogs at the shelter.

The charity sale will be held at Artly’s studio in A’ali, from September 30 to October 2, from 5pm to 11pm.

“Our mission with Art for Care is to support our community through art,” said Krew member Stella Auxtero, who works with different mediums and enjoys portrait expressionism. “We believe that art is not just putting our work and hobbies for all to see. Art is about intent and communication.

“We believe that it is our personal act of courage to do something that creates a change. And with that in mind, we will be conducting different projects, charities and activities where we can use our abilities as artists to help people, animals and the community as a whole. This time, we are starting with BARC.”

She highlighted the plight of street and domestic animals that are abandoned without a home and struggle to meet their daily requirements.

“We feel so deeply for them and believe that they deserve love, safety and mental peace as well,” she added. “This can be made possible by generous caretakers and also with donations for food, shelter and veterinary care.”

The multinational and multidisciplinary artists involved in this fundraising event will showcase mix media artworks in a range of sizes and styles using acrylic, oil, spray paints, water colour and graphite pencils on canvas and fabrics.

They have created a series of canvases featuring cats and dogs, painted from photos taken during their visit to the shelter on August 19. Behind each painting is a story about the rescue as well. There will also be T-shirts with animal-inspired images as well of the rescues. “Through Art for Care, you are not only buying artwork but also giving a tremendous amount of love for these animals,” added Stella.

“Their safety and well-being is important and we hope that they will live a life free of cruelty and suffering. Through this, we can help and build awareness where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness, much like the way we treat human beings. We would love for people to come to Artly to support the cause.”

For details, follow @art.attack.krew on Instagram.

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