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For goodness sake

March 22 - March 28,2023
Gulf Weekly For goodness sake
Gulf Weekly For goodness sake
Gulf Weekly For goodness sake
Gulf Weekly For goodness sake
Gulf Weekly For goodness sake

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

The Holy Month of giving is upon us with several charity champions and community campaigners rallying to distribute packages of goodness across the kingdom to ensure no one goes hungry during Ramadan.

l The Royal Humanitarian Foundation has launched its caring campaign called ‘Let’s Make Them Happy’, which aims to fulfil the needs of all the families affiliated with the foundation.

According to RHF’s Secretary-General Dr Mustafa Al Sayed, the Ramadan campaign, which is in its third edition, collects donations throughout the Holy Month to aid an array of families in addition to supporting projects that help orphans, widows and those in need.

Visit RHF’s website www.rhf.gov.bh for details. There are drop-off points in different commercial complexes and Batelco customers can also contribute by texting 94977.

l The Rotary Club of Salmaniya will have two major charitable initiatives starting with its annual Ramadan Box distribution programme.

The club has partnered with Al Osra Supermarket in a joint project to distribute 500 Ramadan boxes to many charitable societies and NGOs across Bahrain.

“Club members will also perform door-to-door box distribution across various neighbourhoods,” said club president, Hasan Almansoor. “The next annual event is the Gurgaon night which we jointly organise with other Rotary Clubs in Bahrain at Nakheel Centre in Saar towards the middle of the month.

“The clubs invite mentally and physically challenged children from various societies, including the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society, Friendship Society for the Blind, the non-profit Al Rahma Centre and the Bahrain Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled, to celebrate this glorious occasion.”

The event includes traditional games, live music performances, food stalls and distribution of gifts to children.

Follow @rotarysalmaniya on Instagram for details.

l The non-profit Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) has already begun its charitable campaign to bring cheer to thousands of families by giving boxes of much-needed supplies.

Last year, it distributed aid to more than 4,000 families registered with it in 73 towns and villages. This year BRCS secretary-general Mubarak Al Hadi called on companies and organisations operating in the country as well as philanthropists to donate generously for the success of the drive.

For details, follow

@rcsbahrain on Instagram.

l The Southern Governorate also has a Ramadan drive called Majalat Al Khair (which roughly translates to areas of goodness) and has distributed more than 1,000 boxes of essential supplies to underprivileged families across Bahrain.

Governor Shaikh Khalifa bin Ali Al Khalifa and several volunteers have kicked off the sixth edition of the campaign. This is the first of many community initiatives to be unveiled by the governorate during the Holy Month.

For details, follow

@southerngov_bh on Instagram.

l The unregistered ‘A Box of Goodness’ charity is launching its Ramadan Food Drive with the aim of collecting and handing out parcels of non-perishable products to locals and expatriate Muslims in need.

“We are collecting food items such as rice, dates, flour, dhal, green gram, chickpeas, oil, harees, jereesh, sago, spices and more to be added to these boxes for distribution,” said its founder Miranthi Dole known as Miro.

Other products needed include pasta, noodles, sugar, milk powder, tea, coffee, ghee, coconut milk powder, tomato paste, jelly, custard or canned foods.

They are also organising an all-women friendly run called ‘Run for Ramadan’ on March 28 with the Lettuce Run ladies, and the event is being organised by triathlete and three-time Ironman finisher Dana Zubari.

Motivational speaker and Paralympian Shaikha Al Shaiba will also be supporting the event with her participation.

The only entry fee would be donation of non-perishable food items for the Ramadan Food Drive.

Drop off locations for all donations, which started on March 15 and will continue until April 20, will be in Saar, Amwaj Islands and Juffair. Members of the public are also welcome to donate dry, non-perishable food items to the Nadeen, Bahrain Rugby Football Club, St Christopher’s School and all Costa Coffee Outlets in Bahrain.

For details, follow and message @aboxofgoodness and @lettuce.run on Instagram.

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