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Packing a dramatic punch

March 22 - March 28,2023
Gulf Weekly Packing a dramatic punch

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Creed III is knocking out the competition in the global box office, clobbering the previous instalments in the spin-off series, proving the Rocky Balboa franchise is still a champion.

The sports drama brought in $12 million across 75 markets, taking its global box office cumulatively to an exceptional $224.3m, with international markets contributing to $96.6m of the overall figure.

The first Creed racked up a total of $173.5m globally whilst Creed II rounded off its run with a worldwide total of $213.5m.

This is an epic victory for Michael B Jordan’s directorial debut, making good on its estimated $75m budget.

Apparently, the boxing tale also enthralled critics and audiences with the movie’s renewed take on Rocky’s memorable mantra, ‘It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how you can get hit and keep moving forward’.

The film is about a freshly retired Adonis Creed (Michael) who is at the top of his fame and fortune until his childhood best friend Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) – now steeped in vengeance – threatens to uproot his life following a hefty prison sentence.

According to Michael, Creed 3 is not just your typical boxing movie’.

He said in an IMAX featurette, “We really wanted to take advantage of the emotional journey of the characters, and put that into the ring and have it pay off in a physical way.”

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