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Bikers roll out for charity

September 27- October 3, 2023
Gulf Weekly Bikers roll out for charity
Gulf Weekly Bikers roll out for charity
Gulf Weekly Bikers roll out for charity
Gulf Weekly Bikers roll out for charity

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Bikers from across the kingdom and neighbouring Saudi Arabia will be revving their engines and setting off on a charity ride this Friday in a bid to spread smiles for little ones struggling with childhood cancer, as well as to raise awareness and support.

Every September, people around the world rally to raise awareness about childhood cancer by pinning on golden ribbons that symbolise and honour the youngsters suffering from the disease, as well as staging activities…and the kingdom’s bikers have joined the noble fight for their plight.

“The Bahrain Future Society for Youth’s ‘Smile Initiative’ carries out numerous activities throughout the kingdom in September to raise awareness on childhood cancer, and collect funds for parents to support children suffering from cancer,” said Sri Lankan Roy Ribeira, one of the founders of the Falcon Group of riders.

“We started riding in the name of Smile in 2021 to raise awareness of this dreaded disease that affects many children as well as their families. Every year, we organise a ride with the support of various biker groups in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Thus far, we have seen more than 300 riders participate in every ride and there has been a huge turnout and support for this initiative.”

People are expected to gather at 6.30am for the Smile Ride at the Avenues Mall, Bahrain and they will all zip around the island at 7.30am before ending the charitable journey at IKEA Bahrain.

“Since we will have many riders, we prefer to split them into different groups led by road captains,” said Bahraini Yasser Al Saleh, another founder of the Falcon Group which started in 2021 and now features 50 Bahraini and expatriate members.

The other founders of the biking crew includes Hamad and Emad Al Sindi, as well as Jalal Alqattan.

According to Yasser, the team will ride through different areas of Bahrain to the end-destination, whilst maintaining all regulations and safety.

“We welcome you to join us as a rider or a pillion for the Smile Ride in full safety and riding gear,” added Yasser.

“For any support towards Smile Initiative, we urge you to visit their Instagram page #SmileofBahrain.

“Like every other charitable cause that needs our time, we believe that bringing attention to childhood cancer is our way of giving back to our community. We also want to say that riding a bike can be safe, fun and for a cause.”

The Falcon Group has thanked the Bahrain Future Society for Youth ‘Smile Initiative’ for their great work in this field, and are thrilled to be able to support them. They also appreciate all the riders and their families that will be showing their great support in raising awareness.

“They always have a kind initiative every year by participating with us to spread awareness on childhood cancer,” said society chairman Sabah Al Zayani.

“Usually they come to our centre and start their ride from there and distribute awareness flyers wherever they go.

“This year, they will have a huge group coming for the event and maybe, we will invite some of our children to take rides with them and meet the bikers. They will also promote our walkathon on September 30 at Bahrain Harbour, from 4pm to 6pm, for all to showcase their solidarity.”

The walkathon is part of the 10th Kids ‘R’ Golden campaign launched by the Smile Initiative, which provides psychosocial support to children with cancer and their parents.

The campaign is held every September to educate people across the country about childhood cancer, its symptoms and the importance of early detection.

For details on the ride and the Society, follow @falconriders.bh and @smileofbahrain on Instagram.

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