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Stickers that hit the mark

November 22 - November 28, 2023
Gulf Weekly Stickers that hit the mark
Gulf Weekly Stickers that hit the mark
Gulf Weekly Stickers that hit the mark
Gulf Weekly Stickers that hit the mark
Gulf Weekly Stickers that hit the mark

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Self-taught digital artist Aliyah Mohammad Sultan shared her designs during the Gaza in the Heart exhibition in a bid to ensure her message to support the plight of Palestinians sticks to people’s hearts.

The 13-year-old story book illustrator had joined around 30 creatives at the showcase that ends today at the charity-based community centre Safeya Ali Kanoo Hub in Manama.

The artistic event, organised by the non-for-profit Bahrain Trust Foundation (BTF), was held with the aim of raising awareness and funds for the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF) to support those struggling in Gaza and Aliyah was more than happy to help.

“I see the atrocities happening in Gaza, children are going through inhumane conditions, and even after all this, they are strong and their faith is so strong,” said the Zanoobia Intermediate Girl School student from Muharraq.

“I wanted to do something for them on my own by selling my artwork. So being a part of this exhibition was an excellent opportunity to create sticker art, inspired by the children of Gaza.”

The aspiring animation artist showcased 100 stickers that were made using Photoshop, and a sheet, comprising 12, is being sold for BD1.500.

She also displayed four of her digital art prints with 100 per cent of the revenue being donated to RHF. 

This isn’t the first time Aliyah is using her art to help others and participate in campaigns.

One of her first digital artworks entitled Be Kind was featured in a 2022 calendar for Artists for a Cause, in collaboration with the Cartoon Planet. She is also one of the five winning storybook illustrators for BTF. Some of her works include Miqdaam Brings Back the Days, published early this year by the BTF, as well as a story called Eid is Here! for the foundation’s project Spaces for All for Eid Al Adha.

She also came first in the Albothoor Charity Organisation and Jamiat Al Islah Society’s ‘Palestine in our Hearts’ drawing contest as well as in the My Candy Lab Chocolate Wrappers Art competition.

Aliyah has taken part in an array of exhibitions and programmes and has won several accolades for her creations.

For details on her art, follow @artycraftyaliyah on Instagram.

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