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February 28 - March 5, 2024
Gulf Weekly Face value
Gulf Weekly Face value

In the tranquil precincts of the dermatology department at King Hamad American Mission Hospital, A’ali an array of exclusive dermatological treatments awaits those seeking a rejuvenated visage, writes Jayne Houghton. Until the end of March, Dr Wanda Alemao extends a cordial invitation to partake in tailored consultations, coupled with enticing special offers.

Botox (starting from BD70):

Smooth away facial lines, including pesky crow’s feet and frown lines, through Botox injections. Results, spanning a refreshed appearance, linger for an impressive four to six months.

Skin Booster - (starting from BD60):

Skin boosters redefine hydration, amplify light reflection, and refine skin texture – all without tampering with your facial structure using a five-point injection technique. The worry of an exaggerated ‘pillow face’ becomes a thing of the past.

Profhilo - (BD110 per session):

Revitalise skin elasticity with Profhilo’s injectable magic, powered by hyaluronic acid. Versatile across face, neck, décolletage, and hands, it’s not only a combatant against skin laxity but also a formidable ally in scar improvement.

Mesotherapy (BD40 for one session or BD75 for three sessions)

Enter the realm of non-invasive facial perfection with Mesotherapy. A specially formulated dermapen or a nanopore device create micro injuries in nanoseconds to encourage the natural stimulation of collagen and elastin to occur deep within the skin’s dermis layer, to boost the appearance of your complexion, with serums adapted to your skin type throughout the procedure.

PRP hair or face (BD55 per session):

Discover the rejuvenating effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for hair or face. Dr Wanda harnesses the body’s innate growth factors to stimulate hair growth or enhance facial rejuvenation. Watch as your skin and hair undergo a metamorphosis, courtesy of the enriching properties found within your own plasma.

Trio PRP (BD125 for three sessions):

Seize a special promotional price of BD125 for a comprehensive package of three PRP sessions for either hair or face. This limited-time offer ensures that the transformative effects of PRP therapy are harnessed to their full potential, guaranteeing lasting and discernible results.

For appointments call 17177711 or Whatsapp 33644177.

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