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Web of deceits

April 18 - April 24, 2024
Gulf Weekly Web of deceits
Gulf Weekly Web of deceits

Critically acclaimed author Clare Mackintosh is set to release A Game of Lies, the second installment in her Ffion Morgan series, next Tuesday (April 23).

This highly anticipated novel promises a heart-pounding exploration of deception, murder, and the unsettling underbelly of reality television.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Welsh mountains, A Game of Lies follows seven strangers who believe they’ve signed up for a classic survival competition show.

However, as the cameras begin rolling and the games commence, a chilling truth emerges – this is no ordinary competition. Instead, the contestants are forced to confront their deepest secrets, with potentially devastating consequences.

When one contestant mysteriously disappears, suspicion and fear engulf the isolated location, prompting the arrival of Detective Inspector Ffion Morgan.

Established in Clare’s successful debut novel, The Last Party, Ffion is known for her sharp intellect and unwavering resolve.

“Ffion is a character who continues to evolve with each book,” Clare said in a recent interview.

“She’s flawed, but she’s also incredibly strong and determined. I enjoy putting her through the wringer and seeing how she emerges on the other side.”

In this new case, she faces a unique challenge, since the remote setting, fractured relationships among the remaining contestants, and ever-present cameras create a complex web of alibis and hidden motives.

Each contestant harbours a dark secret, making them both suspects and potential targets.

Beyond the thrilling whodunit aspect, the book delves into the psychological manipulation and voyeuristic tendencies inherent in reality television. Clare masterfully crafts a narrative where the line between truth and manipulation blurs, leaving readers questioning the very nature of what they see on screen.

Early critical reception for the novel has been overwhelmingly positive.

Reviewers commend her ability to create a cast of compelling characters, each with their own hidden depths. The fast-paced plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats, with shocking twists and turns that will leave them breathless.

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