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Musical Extravaganza

May 23 - May 29, 2024
Gulf Weekly Musical Extravaganza

WHETHER you’re into Broadway shows or a fan of the London Theatre, the Manama Singers Musical Extravaganza is bringing it all to your doorsteps.

Get ready for a thrilling night of musicals and fun on June 4 at the Dilmun Club – doors open at 7pm.

This spectacular event will feature a diverse lineup of all-time favourite hits through the ages from the 60s until today, performed by the Manama Singers, one of the oldest multicultural community choirs in the kingdom; the 70’s crowd pleaser Mama Mia by ABBA, the 90’s hit The Circle of Life from The Lion King and much more. The show will offer a rich blend of genres and feature soulful solo acts and enchanting chorale ensembles.

In addition to the musical delights, you can savour a variety of delicious foods and beverages brought to you by the Dilmun Club’s restaurant.

Scan the QR code to enter our competition. Winner gets a pair of tickets to the show!

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