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Uninhibited melodies

June 20 - June 26, 2024
Gulf Weekly Uninhibited melodies

JAZZ and soul fans are in for a treat as Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote is set to release its fourth studio album titled Love Heart Cheat Code on June 28.

In a recent interview, lead singer and guitarist Nai Palm revealed the different direction taken with recording this album, claiming it was less complex and structured than the band’s previous work.

“I’m a maximalist. I complicate everything. But the more you go through things in life, you become more relaxed and uninhibited,” Nai said.

“Sometimes you can still have depth and reach people and really stop dancing around the fact: What do you want to communicate to people? And I feel like this album is a result of that clarity for us. We didn’t need to spell out complexity if the song didn’t call for it.”

The album’s debut single titled Everything’s Beautiful was released on January 24. It was followed by the album’s announcement on March 27 and release of the second single, Make Friends, a celebratory song that honours platonic love.

The captivating cover art is a painting by Toronto artist Rajni Perera, whose work is set to be showcased at the 16th edition of the Sharjah Art Foundation’s Sharjah Biennial next year.

Rajni expressed her gratitude for being a part of the album’s creative process in a social media post. “This is an exercise in gratefulness to the universe for its intelligence and impeccable timing,” she said. “They are one of my favourite bands to ever grace the corner of this Milky Way.”

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