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Random practice

February 7 - 13, 2018

On a daily basis when I look down the range I see one thing in common among golfers, the way we practice.

Golfers regularly head to the range with half a dozen clubs and hit balls in a blocked practice manner, by this I mean they hit a set amount of shots to just one target, they then change club and do the same again.

I’m not saying this is wrong if trying to learn a new swing pattern but it’s not exactly how we play golf. I would suggest that you use a system known as random practice.

Compared with blocked practice, in which a skill is learned by repetitive drilling, random practice, with its frequently modified routine, results in better retention of the skill after training is completed.

So if you are heading to the range this week, mix it up with clubs and targets. For more ideas on how to make your practice more entertaining and random follow my blog at


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