Youth Talk

April 11 - 17, 2018

‘Coolness’ in the 21st century popularisedterms like ‘lame’ into common usage to ridicule someone making a relatively unfunny joke. We’ve all had those moments on either sides of the ball game and often laughed out loud about it.

However, I very often remember my father’s advice. He toldme that when someone cracks a joke, they are just trying to crack you up, bond with you, or just make you happy. It’s not something they are doing out of compulsion. So, you should always laugh (come on, it’s free). And, I have always made a point to follow this to the extent that I don’t judge anyone, just find it nice that someone puts in the effort.

In addition to this, I believe that many people don’t understand the substance that lies within humour. Well, after all, it could hide Chandler’s insecurities, express Phil’s phil’s-o-sophy, help my Physics teacher to make Cosmology ‘study-able’ and the list is endless.

Humourand jokes carry a lot more with them than just strings of words and both adults and the young should train themselves to pick out the meaning they entail - a hint about their work-related performance, any issue a friend is facing etc. And, not only this, it is also important that we can differentiate between a joke and an emotion.

Being light-hearted with the right set of people and making humouran expressive part of life makes everything a lot more bearable and builds on a base of mutual understanding.


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