gadgets of the week

July 11 - 17, 2018

What is it called? Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker

What does it do? The speaker maximises sleep relaxation. The brain will try to match the rhythms of the sound you hear on this speaker and coax you into the ideal sleep you desire. Just twist the dial to choose any tune from the 12 digital sound programmes. The speaker will gradually slow playback over 30 minutes and lull you to sleep.

Cost: BD49



What is it called? Sammy Screamer

What does it do? This gadget will help you keep a check on anything and everything you want to. This could attach to your cupboards, handbags, windows and doors or even the cookie jar! The Screamer will cling on to your belongings and notify you with a screeching alarm as well as a smartphone notification every time that thing is moved.

Cost: BD28



What is it called? Ding Bike Light

What does it do? The light provides a commanding shield of light around you by offering innovative light patterns with its patented system of two separate dedicated light sources within the one light. The two independent light beams allow you to be visible from all angles by other road users. It weights in at only 110 grams with on-board charging and with up to 400 lumen of light power.

Cost: BD26


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