August 14 - 20 , 2019

Gulf Weekly Letters

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) are thrilled to be hosting the Broadway musical The Wizard of Oz over the Eid Al Adha Break at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The musical, which will run until Saturday, is an adapted revision of the all-time classic released by MGM in 1939 and will include the beloved songs from the Oscar winning movie score as well as favorite scenes from different characters.

We invite everyone to check it out. You can purchase tickets by visiting www.woz.bh or from the ticket booth at The Avenues. Tickets categories range from Bronze for BD10, Silver for BD20 and gold for BD30, whereas VIP tickets are BD50.

Hosting this event comes in line with the BTEA’s long term strategy to further develop the kingdom’s tourism sector and strengthen its position on a regional and international level under the slogan of ‘Ours.Yours.’.

From a BTEA representative


I really enjoyed reading, “The Smart Life of Bees” in your paper last week. It was quite illuminating to learn about the technological changes coming to the hives of the future and great to know that Bahrain is fuelling such an effort. One small note, the founders met in 2016, not 2014 as mentioned in the piece.


A Honey Flow Africa fan.


Fashion Forward Dubai (FFD) October Edition 2019 is set to take place on October 30 to November 2 at the Dubai Design District.

This year, the event strategically evolves into a “shop-now” fashion platform, showcasing collections that will be available for purchase to a global audience of both buyers and consumers via a digital and physical presence made available at the event.

FFD has been a key platform for both emerging and established designers from the region. The programme also aims to showcase global brands that have special collections exclusive to the Middle East. It will also be a venue for education and exchange hosted by uniquely curated fashion forums with inspirational speakers from around the world in addition to workshops and classes. We invite you to come and experience Middle East fashion at its best.

An FFD representative


The hot summer months are difficult to deal with but there is one form of exercise that can help you beat the heat – yoga. Yoga can help you cool off, stay focused, healthy and happy and help calm the mind with some very simple and yet effective practices,

A good method to counter the hot, muggy weather is to draft a lunar current within your body by focusing on activities and foods which work to help cool the body.

Here are some top tips on how specific yoga poses can help send calming waves through the nervous system and aid in the body’s attempt to self-regulate:

1. Moon Salutation - This is a series of poses performed in a particular sequence to create a cooling flow of movement. Like the popular Sun Salutations, each pose in a Moon Salutation is coordinated with your breathing: Inhale to extend, and exhale to bend. But unlike Sun Salutations, which focus on heating and stimulating the body, Moon Salutations are cooling and quieting. They are used to calm the mind and to draw one’s awareness inwards. Moon Salutations are useful when temperatures are high and when a tranquil, quiet presence is required.

2. Supported Back Bends - Backbends can seem intimidating but you don’t have to be a contortionist or drop into a Full Wheel from standing to reap the heart and chest opening benefits this pose delivers. They force us to be a bit vulnerable – essentially removing the shield that protects our hearts and emotions.

3. Supported Shoulder Stand - This stretches the neck and shoulders and strengthens the legs, glutes, arms, and core. The pose also stimulates the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland, aiding with digestion and the regulation of hormones. It can also benefit those who suffer from anxiety, stress and mild depression. Those with any form of neck injuries should practice this pose with caution, using folded blankets or towels for support beneath the shoulders to protect the cervical spine.

4. Seated Forward Fold - This pose helps to calm and relax. It can also help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and mild depression. Physically, the pose stretches the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings, stimulates the internal organs, and can also improve digestion and help to ease menstrual discomfort.

5. Supine Twisting Posture - This is one of the go-to, end-of-class, postures. Since it helps to make the transition from the yang of practice, into the yin of Savasana, smooth and seamless. This pose is both calming and conducive for meditative, slow breathing, as well as being very healing in its own right.

From Desmond Wong

Yoga Instructor

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