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November 6 - 12, 2019

Gulf Weekly Stan Szecowka
By Stan Szecowka

Gulf Weekly He says

I entered my room and flung my bag into the bed. The bus ride home had been long because of traffic and I had four homework assignments due the next day. And now, I had to write about homework. What a perfect opportunity to hint my dismay?

An ever growing trend in high school students these days has been increased stress and workload that might be stemming from exam pressure and homework assignments. I, personally, have sometimes experienced that homework can often clash with exam preparation, something that it is, in fact, supposed to bolster.

This causes rushed completion, seeking online help or the assistance of friends and the objective very suddenly changes from that of learning to simply the completion of the assignment. Sounds unreasonable right?

Well, I held pretty similar views until I started working on this article. I feel that regular homework assignments, carefully planned according to the class schedule can be very helpful in reinstating a lot of the concepts that we learn in class. This can be very useful as it helps us retain what we have learnt and can be seen as milestones before the impending exams.

Additionally, as school life is a time when students develop, not only academically but also all round, the culture of including much needed breaks and pauses in the regular curriculum could also improve homework acceptance by students. An honest relationship with your teacher can facilitate a better learning atmosphere with the teacher acknowledging the importance of balance and aversion of stress in students.

As students, I feel that it is important to view homework as an integrated aspect of our learning experience where homework is meant to boost and not pull down our performance. The main concern with homework is the pressure and feeling of alienation if it exceeds a certain time or effort requirement. However, intelligent choices like healthy collaboration with friends where there is a mutual exchange of information and better time management can make homework a more manageable and (dare I say?) fun experience.

Now, off to tackle economics, physics and biology. I know they will be helpful but three assignments in one day sure is a lot of work!

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