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February 12 - 18 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Gulf Weekly Bold BOSS

Sitcoms and dramedy’s often feature a recurring skit of a spouse forgetting Valentine’s Day and rushing to the store to pick up a last minute gift to secure safe snooze in bed-town rather than on couch-ville.

Here’s a trick to help remember the romantic day, what colour outfit is your spouse sporting? The second it’s Valentine’s Day, every shade of red and pink comes flying out the wardrobe and onto your person in a way to signify that, “Yes I’m on board this romance train!”

The colour pink symbolises sweetness, romance, femininity and charm. As for red, it is the colour of passion, love, power and strength. It conveys confidence, elicits emotion and is used professionally to capture attention. It’s also the shade used in BOSS’s bold spring summer 2020 runway capsule collection. The line, which is in stores now, not only capture’s the brand’s shared passion for craftsmanship and expressive style, but it’s just the right look to make that fashion statement for V-Day.

The collection features daring dresses, layered over looks, fluid coats with details and utility elements which is everything you will need for your special Valentine’s night out. The line is available in crisp cotton or crafted from nappa leather and ultra-soft suede. There is a BOSS boutique in City Centre Bahrain.

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