Failure does not equal shame

February 12 - 18 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Stan Szecowka
By Stan Szecowka

Gulf Weekly Failure does not equal shame

Who is the @KhaleejiGirl? She is the voice of women across the region, touching on poignant topics and what is close to her heart. She has captured the attention of men and women on Instagram and will be sharing her thoughts with our readers too.

Ignore the way us girls were raised. We need to learn that failure and mistakes are not things for a @Khaleejigirl to be ashamed of. They actually are things that are part of growing up for everyone.

So why does it seem like us women who grew up in the MENA region are scolded at every imperfection that occurs in our lives? Whether it’s other people, be it both men and women alike who do this, or be it us functioning in self shaming of ourselves because we’re used to continuing the cycle of self-negative talk.

But why do we do that? Even if we see this as a problem, it seems like it’s a very rare thing that we do anything to stop it.

Now this of course is not limited to women living in the MENA region. In fact, this is not a new thing at all. We see this as a major debacle for all women around the world. But the underlying question then becomes, why haven’t we done anything about it?

Are we waiting for someone to take the lead to paint a pretty positive image that fits every woman out there?

Whatever it is that women may be waiting for, if we’re even waiting for something, I pray to God it will be the end of negative self-talk. Let’s eliminate negative self-talk in its entirety.

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