Influential stars - He says

February 12 - 18 , 2020

Gulf Weekly Stan Szecowka
By Stan Szecowka

Gulf Weekly Influential stars - He says

From advertisements on the highways to screens on one’s laptop, celebrities have a way of touching every aspect of our lives.  Maybe watching Messi kick around a football while elegantly balancing a bottle of Pepsi on his elbow is just the motivational kick - pun surprisingly unintended - that I need, to try out the sweet drink. Perhaps these famous faces are more influential than we actually think they are.  Being a celebrity, although glamorous in many ways, has its heavy set of burdens. Imagine being scrutinised with every step you take, judged for your personal choices and mocked for things out of your control.

While ‘normal’ people have the chance to live a ‘normal’ life, a celebrity’s reality is far different - having their mistakes and growth looked on through by a magnifying glass by those around.  However, I must say that there is a lot of positive influence that a celebrity can bestow.

They have the power of their voice to be heard in a way that people might actually listen. It is usually controversial topics, ones that need a voice, that are left alone by celebrities. In a world where human beings are driven by selfish desire, I understand their reserved motive. The power of voice can so easily be corrupted, twisted and misinterpreted - especially when that voice is that of a celebrity.

Celebrities have their public image to think about, whether they are willing to risk jeopardising their career for the sake of speaking out and having a stance.  That is what makes a celebrity’s decision to speak out and use their powerful influence, for a noble cause, all the more admirable - the risk. Take Jane Fonda, the 82-year-old actress turned political activist who has even been arrested numerous times for taking part in and even arranging climate change protests.  I think it has always been common for ordinary people to want to live life like a celebrity.

This time however, I think I have different reasons for wanting to.

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