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Colour your life the Boho way

May 18 - May 24, 2022
Gulf Weekly Colour your life the Boho way
Gulf Weekly Colour your life the Boho way
Gulf Weekly Colour your life the Boho way
Gulf Weekly Colour your life the Boho way
Gulf Weekly Colour your life the Boho way

Gulf Weekly Mai Al Khatib-Camille
By Mai Al Khatib-Camille

Bahrain-based Tatiana Rubio is keeping the vibrant bohemian trend alive in the kingdom by showcasing handmade goods from Latin America, aimed at supporting women and single mothers that made them.

Boho, an abbreviation of bohemian, began in the pre-Raphaelite era of art but came to full fruition after taking its inspiration from music festivals and the ‘hippie’ era of the late 1960s and 1970s.

These days, bohemian fashion is part of mainstream culture featuring effortless, relaxed looks, with loose-fitted clothing, colourful accessories and an overall artistic, creative mishmash of elements. It is also a lifestyle for many like Tatiana, the 28-year-old social communicator and journalist, who has been living here for the past five years.

“I have always had a taste for the simple, relaxed, free and colourful life and I think ‘boho’ style has a lot of it,” explained the Colombian mother-of-two girls. “It represents a travelling soul, a dreamer who values artistic and handmade work – a free spirit that is nourished by merging the elements of natural fibres with printed textiles, original and light designs along with a mix of gypsy, ethnic and hippie feel.

“I consider myself a creative person. I dare to mix colours, eras, styles, fabrics and accessories as well as showcase my Latin American culture through the items.”

In a bid to share her culture and raise awareness about Latin American mums trying to make ends meet by making bohemian styled products, she launched the Sahara Shop on Instagram, featuring their goods and some of her own.

“My small venture brings the very essence of ‘boho chic’ and spirit to everyday accessories,” she said. “My shop boasts a vibrant carnival of colours and designs derived from the shores of Latin America, all handmade by local artisans – women and single mothers — who work hard to preserve their vivacious culture.

“All the articles are made with love and thanks to these women; we can show a piece of our land, and with the sales, we can help contribute a percentage to the ethnic weaving community to support the education and life of their families and children.”

Tatiana offers an array of colourful items from beach-ready hand fans to rainbow clutches as well as versatile bandanas, bohemian bracelets, earrings, sandals, keychains and more.

For details, follow @sahara1shop on Instagram.

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