Customer service is key at EuroMotors

June 28 - July 5, 2006
Gulf Weekly Customer service is key at EuroMotors

Quality and service are two factors that are critical to the success of any business. They should be an integral part of any company’s strategy from the start and service is a foundation for growth.

Ignored or left to chance, it can be the making or breaking of a company. Service is the prompt delivery of the product. It is courteous sales personnel. It is a user or service manual modified to meet customer’s needs. It is ready access to a service facility, it is knowledgeable, cost-effective maintenance, repair, or replacement, service is location, service is dealer support.
EuroMotors have invested significantly in this business function over the years and have set new industry standards of service and reliability with one aim in mind: 100 per cent customer satisfaction.
Fully committed to the principle of offering the utmost to their customers, the drive to improve profitability is always conditioned to match promise with performance because every EuroMotors customer is valued. GW spoke to Tarek El Habbal, marketing manager, to see what he has to say on the subject.
How did EuroMotors obtain their reputation?
EuroMotors is viewed as the best car dealership in Bahrain, we have tremendous equity in the market and we got to where we are today by placing our customers first. This came from hard work, treating our customers well and putting them first as they are the most important integral part of our business. We don’t want to rely on the fact that we sell quality brands but we also want our customers to be aware of the level of service we offer which matches the brand we are selling. It is an all round experience when a customer buys a car from EuroMotors.
How do you differentiate yourselves from others?
From the minute potential or current customers walk into the showroom they go through an entire process of looking at the cars, talking to the sales people, checking out the options and to the point beyond; the after sales. After sales is very important, you don’t just walk into our dealership and buy a car and the relationship ends there, it is actually the start of the relationship. Our BMW customers keep their cars for an average of two-three years during which time they are given the highest level of customer service so that when the time does come to change their car, they come back to us, this is our strength. We at EuroMotors surpass the level of service that a customer may get at any other dealership and this is why we are the best in Bahrain. We deal with a certain level of customer and we need to provide them with the same level of service that they have come to expect. I don’t think any other dealership in Bahrain has the level of service we have to offer.
Any plans for expansion in the near future?
Through the service that we offer, we are continuously expanding and planning, by this time next year we will be double our current size in terms of our service facilities and we will be breaking ground soon with our used car facility which is being developed as we speak. We are the pioneers in taking the used car operation to a higher level.
Why have you decided to expand this used cars facility?
The reason we are expanding and why we will achieve success in this project is because BMW service programmes are inclusive in the price. By offering programmes like this we are enhancing the residual value of the car, so when the car is worth more after a while and when it comes to re-sale, it automatically brings you a higher price therefore it becomes an investment.
What about after sales service for used car buyers?
Our customers will have the highest level of service whether they buy a new or used car from us.

· Jackie Kennedy

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