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April 14- April 20, 2021
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Gulf Weekly Naman Arora
By Naman Arora

A cutting-edge holistic assessment, now available at the American Mission Hospital (AMH), aims to provide a clear snapshot of one’s health, on a wellness spectrum, and has already alerted some patients to underlying health concerns.

The Soza Health Assessment, being conducted by the AMH in partnership with UK-based Soza Health, consists of several short health tests that look at the heart, lungs, blood, kidney, bladder, and other body systems.

“At AMH, we now focus more on wellness initiatives because illness treatments can be avoided with healthy lifestyles,” Dr George Cheriyan, corporate CEO of AMH, said when the pilot study was launched in December last year.

“With organisations like Soza Health, which base their testing systems and algorithms on excellent medical research, we can show a health report card to customers so that they can take appropriate corrective steps in nutrition and fitness. And, these remedial lifestyles could even result in greater immunisation against illnesses.”

The assessment takes more than 90 data readings from nine tests within 45 minutes.

Starting with a urine sample, saliva test and blood sugar test, the assessment covers the gamut with a cholesterol measurement, triglyceride level test, lung function exam, blood pressure test and digital pulse test.

Each patient then receives an overall health rating between 0 and 100, with 0 – 30 indicating significant health concerns, 31-60 indicating average wellness level and anything over 60 indicating a relatively good health condition. The score is then broken down into categories to identify issues in specific body systems.

The test has already proven highly-effective at identifying potentially life-altering conditions.

“We had a gentleman in his 50s come in a few weeks ago, complaining of a suspected lung issue,” explained Sam Jacob, AMH clinic manager.

“But his lung function test showed no issues. However, when we completed the whole assessment, we noticed that in the heart health segment, he received a score of 17. He also told us about running out of breath very quickly during a walk.

“After we had a chat with some of his family members, he followed up with a doctor and was told he had multiple blocks in his arteries, which may not have been identified in time without this assessment.”

The assessment is being offered to individuals as well as organisations looking to ensure the wellbeing of their employees.

In order to ensure accurate results, one must not consume anything except water during the four hours preceding their appointment.

By also assessing the overall status of an individual’s immune system, the Soza Health Assessment also provides a snapshot of one’s Covid-19 risk assessment.

“A strong immune system is crucial in fighting this virus and the risk assessment, includes an analysis of your cardiovascular health, respiratory healthy as well as the inflammatory and immune response,” Sam added.

“We have noticed that life, for a lot of our clients, has become much more sedentary during the pandemic and this lack of exercise has a negative impact on overall wellness.

“And in general, nutrition is a concern so we have a dietician and diabetic counsellor on the team who can provide more advice if this is identified as a concern.”

In addition to Sam, three clinicians – Mithu Cherian, Prince Thomas and Susan John have been trained in conducting the assessment so far.

The Soza Health Assessment is conducted every Saturday morning at the AMH in Manama, and must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. It costs BD40 per person.

For more details, visit https://www.amh.org.bh/soza/

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