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The spirit of entrepreneurship

April 14- April 20, 2021
Gulf Weekly The spirit of entrepreneurship

Gulf Weekly Naman Arora
By Naman Arora

A leadership training programme to build students’ real-life skills has been unveiled at the American School of Bahrain (ASB), in partnership with Injaz Bahrain, writes Naman Arora.

The programme covers topics like personal economics, smart investing, a practical understanding of the local business market, money-management skills, entrepreneurship and hands-on classroom activities to demonstrate the economic benefits of staying in school.

“Leadership in the community can take on many forms and may look different depending on the age of the students,” said Dave McMaster, founding director of ASB.

“Our school practises invitational and distributed leadership based on the belief that all students have the potential for growth and development and that everyone has a different profile for leadership.

“Shared leadership and community leadership demonstrates our mutual respect and trust for each other and the community and this development is superbly supplemented seamlessly through the Injaz programme.”

Injaz, established in 2005, is a not-for-profit organisation as part of the Junior Achievement global initiative with the aim of empowering young people to make smarter economic choices.

In the last year, the programme has been implemented digitally, on the Junior Achievement CrossKnowledge Learning Suite platform, connecting thousands of students.

“We are pleased to have ASB on board with us this year,” Hana Sarwani, Injaz Bahrain’s executive director, added.

“Despite the challenges, we are keen to ensure students keep learning and instil the entrepreneurial spirit.

“We look forward to having continued engagement and provide students with greater opportunities that would help in their growth and development.”

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