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Bahrain Summer Festival

July 14 - July 20, 2021
Gulf Weekly Bahrain Summer Festival

The Bahrain Summer Festival continues, with art workshops and educational programmes this week. All events will be live-streamed on Baca’s YouTube channel.


Coffee Art

Today, 5pm

Learn how to paint on canvas using coffee and enjoy a demonstration of professional coffee-painting techniques.


Mixed Media Art

Friday, 5pm

Children aged six to 10 can learn how to create art using mixed mediums found at home like paper, masking tapes, combs and more.


Awlad Haretna

Sunday, 5pm

This educational programme will teach children about the State of Palestine and its heritage, using stories, traditional foods, ancient collectibles and historical monuments.


Wonders of Science

Sunday 6pm

Targeted at children aged seven and above, this educational programme discusses the science of the seas, oceans, space, animals and plants, in addition to showcasing scientific experiments conducted by young children.


Rehab Metawi

with the Bahrain Music Band

Tuesday, 8pm

Organised in collaboration with the Egyptian embassy, join Rehab Metawi and the Bahrain Music Band for a nostalgic performance of classical Arabic music.


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