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Tales of Tokyo

July 4 - July 10, 2024
Gulf Weekly Tales of Tokyo

THE English translation of Japanese author Atsuhiro Yoshida’s 2018 fiction novel Goodnight Tokyo is set to release on July 9, translated by Haydn Trowell.

Set over several nights, the novel takes the reader on a journey around the Japanese capital through the eyes and experiences of a set of characters with different stories and lives that interconnect as they search for meaning and purpose.

Readers should expect an intimate and fantastic take on Tokyo’s late night atmosphere and to find a connection to the novel’s wandering characters.

Born in 1962, Japanese author Atsuhiro Yoshida has published more than 40 books. Goodnight Tokyo is set to be his first English-translated book, as it has previously been translated into French and German.

Australian translator Haydn Trowell is dedicated to bringing Japanese literature to English speakers, as he claims to have strong Japanese-to-English translation skills, as well as linguistic expertise and creative writing ability.

“If you have ever engaged a literary translator, you will know that a great translation is the melding of three distinct elements: an accurate final product, the subjective, sensitive judgement of an integrous creative writer, and most of all, trust,” Haydn says in an interview. “I am experienced in satisfying all three stakeholders—consistently delivering highly readable translations that align with the original text, and that demonstrate more than just a literal transfer of meaning.”

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